Running the test suite

In your virtualenv first run the following:

pip install -r requirements pip install -r test-requirements

Tests live in hendrix.test and are most easily run using Twisted's trial test framework.

/home/jsmith:~$ trial hendrix
test_multiprocessing ...                                               [OK]
test_options_structure ...                                             [OK]
test_settings_doesnt_break ...                                         [OK]

Ran 3 tests in 0.049s

PASSED (successes=3)

trial will find your tests so long as you name the package/module such that it starts with "test" e.g. hendrix/contrib/cache/test/

Note that the module needs to have a subclass of unittest.TestCase via the expected unittest pattern. For more info on trial go here.

N.B. that in the hendrix.test file a subclass of TestCase called HendrixTestCase has been created to help tests various use cases of hendrix.deploy.HendrixDeploy